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In an effort to help provide grass roots support for the Thingamajig Theater, a small group of supporters have formed a committee with the goal of establishing the Friends of Thingamajig Theatre.

CLICK HERE TO BECOME A FRIEND (Individual, $25; Couple, $50.)

The goal of the Friends is to provide a social environment in which the theater can grow and prosper in our community. There may be opportunities to engage the actors on their days off with typical Pagosa activities such as fly fishing, hiking, biking, etc.

If you like to cook or entertain, invite several, or all, the actors over for dinner or a social occasion. The Friends will also be involved in a fund raiser in support of the theater as well as a place to pass information on needs that the theatre might have. This is your organization so ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Please remember that being a Friend comes with no time obligation. You can be as involved as you wish, since volunteers are always needed, or you can just come and enjoy the social events.

We all recognize how fortunate we are to have world class theater and the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts in our community. The critical acclaim our theater has gained in a short period of time is a tribute to Laura and Tim Moore, the founders of the theater; the team they have put together; and all the others who have provided their support.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to volunteer for Friends, please contact me at either my home phone, 970-264-1003, or via email:

Simon Fuger
Chairperson, Friends of Thingamajig Theatre

CLICK HERE TO BECOME A FRIEND (Individual, $25; Couple, $50.)

Current Friends of the Theatre (as of February 2017)

John and Sandy Applegate, Tom and Charlotte Ashbrook, John and Ginger Baxt, Lark and Dennis Beaugureau, Bard and Linda Bennett, Richard Bertoli, Greg and Sherri Booher, Al and Stephany Bouchier, John and Sue Bozek, Gary and Linda Bright, Bob and Robin Brobst, Don Brotchie, Julie Brown, Ron and Annmarie Bubb, Harris and Karen Bynum, King and Anne Campbell, Jim and Jean Carson, Ron and Windsor Chacey, Vern and Connie Clark, Constance Clark, Jan and Bob Clinkenbeard, Sam Conti, Gene and Joan Cortright, Ed and Diane Cowling, Barton and Jackie Cox, Nancy Crowe, Kenny and Karin Daniels, Diane Davis, Janet Dean, Katy Deshler, John Duvall, Steve and Roslyn Earle, Carla Evans, John and Alice Farley, Leslie Fluharty, Roger and Gloria Flynn, Cheryl Flynn, Nancy Ford, Buck and Katherine Frisbee, Simon Fuger, Tom Galvin, Buck and Mary Gamache, Sharon Garrison, Elizabeth Gayles, Lois Gibson, Charlie and Eileen Godfrey, Cynda Green, Ron Gustafson, Robert and Ms Hagberg, Bob and Penny Hart, Edward Haynes, Jim and Maribeth Hill, Helen Hoff, Bob and Carole Howard, Carolle Hunt, Will James, Fran Jenkins, Chris Johnson, Barb Johnson, Neal Johnson, Evelyn Jones, Pamela Kaskiw, Stephen and Alice Keil, Diana Kelly, Kathy Keyes, Beverly Kraska, Dan and Marilou Kubelka, Liz Kuhn, Toosje Lamoreaux, Richard and Carol Larsen, Kirsten Le Roux, Steve and KathyLemons, Ingrid Leppitsch, Josephine Lewis, Art and Peggy Long, Sue McAleavey, Mark and Claudine McAnelly, Mike and Kathy McBane, Melissa McDonald, Bob and Polly McLaughlin, Dan and Anita McPherson, Natascha Meden, Laura Metallo, Mary Miller, Cheryl Moore, Mac Moore, Betty Nason, Dave and Carole Nasralla, Jerry and Phyllis Nugent, Jan O’Brien, Peter and Renee O’Neill, Larry and Lassie Olin, Bob and Sandra Oliver, Roger and Joan Organ, Connie Papple, Fred and Pauline Pettinato, Chris Pike, Beverly Pitts, Elaine Pitts, Alan Powdermaker, John and Ann Rasich, Kurt and Lisa and Sophia Raymond, Jeff Reichel, Kathy Richard, Dick and Pat Richardson, Cynthia Riski, Jeannie Robert, George and Annie Rohrbacher, Scott and Tozi Rubin, June Russell, Susanne Russell, Joyce Ryan, Ronald Sargent, Sarah Savage, Sheryl Scheller, Dale and Betty Schwicker, Sara Scott, Roland and Ellen Seylar, Rich and Kitty Shildt, Rex and Ann Shurleff, Kathy Sloan, Philip and Frances Smith, John and Sherida Sowerby, Jacqueline, Jim and Deneice Stacy, Loyette Stewart, Herb and Charleen Stipe, Catherine Stone, Jason and Corrie Stuck, Jeff and Betty Switzer, Monk Tarbell, Linda Thomson, Laren Traver, Bruce and Nettie Trenk, Robert Ulrich, Mike Vanover, Renee Vanover, Russell Vanover, Bev Warburton, Joan Ward, Len and Andrea Wasserman, Rhonda and Bill Webb, John and Joyce Webb, Robert and Margret Webb, Fred Webb, Mary Webb, Richard Wholf, Mary Wilcox, Charlotte Williams, Amy Wolfe, Tari Woods, Barbara Wright, Dean and Dianne Zimmerman.

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