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CLICK HERE TO BECOME A FRIEND (Individual, $30; Couple, $60.)

Friends of Thingamajig Theatre Company is a social organization in support of Pagosa Springs’ nonprofit professional theatre.  “Friends of Thingamajig” fundraise, organize social events, and advocate on behalf of the theatre to the local government and community. Friends work to ensure long term success and sustainability of quality professional theatre in Pagosa Springs.

Questions or suggestions?  Please contact Friends president Simon Fuger at

There are many reasons to become a Friend of Thingamajig Theatre.  Perhaps you’d like to support the theatre with your membership – because you love theatre.  That’s terrific!  Perhaps you’d like to attend the Friends’ social events.  Friends’ events are fun!   Perhaps you’d like to get involved as a Friends volunteer.  The point is, you can do as much or as little as you’d like.  Be a Friend because you love theatre.  Be a Friend, to make friends, and sport this snazzy button:

Bottom line, be a Friend!

CLICK HERE TO BECOME A FRIEND (Individual, $30; Couple, $60.)

Friends of Thing, as well as the cast and crew, enjoy interacting at several events. The “Meet the Summer Cast” barbecue and campfire sing-along at Parelli Natural Horsemanship Ranch is the teaser to the summer repertory season. There’s no better place for our actors to be introduced to the Friends, and to the Pagosa ranch community and scenic surroundings.  Parelli’s Ranch is definitely not N.Y.C. or L.A., where many of our actors hail from.

The Williams Lake picnic in the Weiminuche Wilderness area of of the San Juan National Forest is a mid-summer get-away day for the actors and Friends.

Throughout the year, the Friends are treated to “Behind the Scenes” discussions with directors, actors, designers and producers. The world of theater is fascinating; there is much to learn and appreciate.

How lucky are the actors and crew at Thingamajig? Some Friends show their love and appreciation by throwing them a private party:

The “Happy Trails Party” closes out the summer season:

Then there’s the Winter Party for the fall/winter cast:

The Friends of Thingamajig Theatre contribute in many ways to Pagosa’s wonderful theatre, cast and crew.

Tech Tuesday pot luck. Bring a dish to the theatre and join the cast and crew in good home cooking before Friday opening night. As one actor from N.Y.C. said, “Pagosa is amazing. They even cook for us!” It’s true.

Take a hike, and have a picnic:

The Friends of Thingamajig have been instrumental in ensuring that the Artists’ House – residence to our actors and crew – is a welcoming and comfortable place to live.

CLICK HERE TO BECOME A FRIEND (Individual, $30; Couple, $60.)

You may also join Friends at a show with the Theatre Staff… or you can send a check to Friends of Thingamajig Theater Company, 2313 Eagle Drive, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147. Be sure to include your contact information including your email, telephone and address.  The majority of Friends information is communicated via email.

Questions or suggestions?  Please contact Friends president Simon Fuger at

Current Friends of the Theatre (as of January 2018)

Julia Appel, John and Sandy Applegate, Katie and Tom Arnold, Charlotte and Tom Ashbrook, Devina Babyan, Ginger and John Baxt, Dennis and Lark Beaugureau, Linda and Bard Bennett, Richard Bertoli and Sue McAleavey, Lana and Nick Bissell, MacKenzie Bond, Greg and Sherri Booher*, Poppy Borland, Stephany and Al Bouchier, John and Sue Bozek*, Gary and Linda Bright, Bob and Robin* Brobst, Julie Brown, Tim Brown and Stephanie Hill, Ann Marie Bubb, Teresa Burge, Harris and Karen Bynum, Anne and King Campbell, Dave and Kriss Campbell, Ron and Windsor Chacey, Connie and Vernon Clark, Bob and Jan* Clinkenbeard, Diane and Ed Cowling, Barton and Jackie Cox, Phyl Daleske, Karin and Kenny Daniels, Connie Davidson, Diane Davis, Jane Day, Janet Dean, Melody Mcneill Dean, Bill Dean, Katy Deshler, Cheryl Dickerson, Tom Dickerson, Leonard Dolce, Roslyn and Steven Earle, Carla Evans* and Monk Tarbell, Alice and John Farley, Les Faust, Roger and Gloria Flynn, Katherine and Buck Frisbee, Simon Fuger* and Chris Pike, Rena Gallant, David and Tina Gallegos, Tom Galvin, Buck and Mary Gamache, Charlie and Eileen Godfrey, Anne and Rikki Grad, Cynda Green*, Michael Grimm, Mark Guenin, Ron Gustafson, Mary Jo and Thomas Gwaltney, Robert and Mrs. Hagberg, Bettie Hanse, Edward Haynes and Bev Warburton, Robert Herchert, Maribeth and Jim Hill, Helen Hoff and Will James, Bob and Carole Howard, John Hudson, Carolle Hunt, Annie and Charlie Jacobi, Judy James, Fran Jenkins, Barb and Chris Johnson*, Neal Johnson, Evelyn Jones, Keith Jones, Alice and Stephen Keil, Diana Kelly, Beverly Kraska and Alan Powdermaker, Marilou and Dan Kubelka, Liz Kuhn, Toosje Lamoreaux*, Carol and Richard Larsen, Kirsten Le Roux, Legacy Properties West, Steve and Kathy Lemons, Clayton, Amy and Allora Leonard, Sandra Llewellyn, Art and Peggy Long, Claudine and Mark McAnelly, Mike and Kathy McBane, Melissa McDonald*, Bob and Polly McLaughlin, Mary Jen Meerdink, Laura Metallo, Mary Miller, Cheryl and Mac Moore, John Mosher, Mary Muller, Betty Nason, Jerry Nugent, Phyllis and Jerry Nugent, Jan O’Brien and Jeffrey Reichel, Ernie O’Toole, Larry and Lassie Olin, Anna O’Reilly, Joan* and Roger Organ, Connie Papple, Larry and Pat Parks, Sherry Phillips, Beverly and Elaine Pitts, Mike Pluth, Terri Pritchard, Grace and Richard Qualls, Jim and Cindy Quigley, Ann and John Rasich*, Kurt, Lisa and Sophia Raymond, Dick and Pat* Richardson, Cynthia Riski, Jeannie Robert, Malcolm and Joan Rodger, Alice Rohrbacher, Annie and George Rohrbacher, Scott and Tozi* Rubin, June Russell and Bob Ulrich, Susanne Russell, Joyce Ryan, Chad Sain, Paul Salazar, Sheryl Scheller and Mary Willcox, Brent and Sue Scott, Sara Scott, Betty Schwicker*, Ellen and Roland Seylar, Kitty and Richard Shildt, Bob and Kathy Shultz, Frances Smith, John and Sherida Sowerby, Deneice and Jim Stacy, John and Loyette Stewart, Charleen and Herb Stipe, Bob and Carolyn Stock, Catherine and Doug Stone, Betty* and Jeff Switzer, Laren Traver, Bruce and Nettie Trenk, Sharon Utz, Mike and Renee Vanover, Joan Ward, Andrea and Len Wasserman, Bill and Rhonda Webb, Fred Webb, Margret and Robert Webb, Anna Weir, Amy Wolfe, Tari Woods, Dean and Diane Zimmerman

* Indicates Members of the Friends Steering Committee.

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